No Image ItsLogical will take any logical statement that contains Ifs, Elses, ElseIfs, Ands, Ors, Nots, and user entered Statements, and it will attempt to reduce that logical statement to its simplest form. It does not matter how complicated the statement is, ItsLogical can handle any combination of the allowed logical operators without loss in performance, but searching for solutions can be very slow.

Disk Repair Data Recovery by Unistal 10.x: Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal software tool.
Disk Repair Data Recovery by Unistal 10.x

Disk Repair is logical bad sector removal and repair software that removes the logical bad sectors and repairs "Track 0 Bad Disks". Bad sectors are a major problem in hard disks, which are found to be mainly logical in nature. Disk Repair is a utility to remove/repairs logically formed bad sectors from Hard Disks and Floppy Disks with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 File system and all versions of MS Windows support.

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Puzzle - Sam Lloyd`s logical game 10.30: 15 Puzzle - Sam Lloyd`s logical game to play
Puzzle - Sam Lloyd`s logical game 10.30

15 Puzzle - Sam Lloyd`s logical game to play online. Play online Sam Lloyd`s "15" puzzle. The funny story and mathematical implications of this game. Some funny logical problems with the 15 game. Everybody knows this logical game`s purpose: the player has to order the tiles like this: 13 14 15 You can play online Sam Lloyd`s "15" puzzle here. Sam Lloyd (1841-1911) launched a problem: can you solve the game, if initially the tiles are arranged l

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Logic Expression 3.00: Calculates and analyzes the logical (Boolean) expression
Logic Expression 3.00

Program Logic Expression (LE) calculates and analyzes the logical (Boolean) expression. Supports logical operators: negation, conjunction, disjunction, exclusive disjunction, implication and equivalence. Supports work with: up to 500 (five hundred) members of expression, up to 338 (three hundred thirty eight) variables and n levels of parenthesis. Serves as a useful tool for developers when calculating and analyzing logical expressions.

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Drives Monitor 12.3: Drives monitor utilizes Performance Monitor data to visualize HDD activity.
Drives Monitor 12.3

logical disk activity. For each physical/logical disk, % active time and bytes read and written per second is displayed. It does not require any 3rd party applications. Resazible. Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% Filename: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Two modes. Color changeable for all gadget`s elements, including background. * Shows % active time and bytes read and written per physical/logical disk * Logical partitions

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Logical Crossroads 1.52: Set of logical games. Includes Free Renju, Bulls and Cows, Hanoi Tower
Logical Crossroads 1.52

Set of logical games. Includes: 1. Free Renju. Logical game, a variation of the well known Japanese board game with a lot of various features. 2. Bulls and Cows. The object is to guess a number. 3. Hanoi Tower. The object is to move bricks from one position to another. Demo game included.

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Windows FAT Partition Repair Tool FAT partition data recovery utility restore unformat damaged files rescue folder
Windows FAT Partition Repair Tool

logical partition error, boot sector corruption, virus problems and other similar logical error which restrict user to access the data. Data recovery tool provides graphical GUI representation of recovery wizard that makes its functioning very easy simple and unproblematic for even non-technical users. Retrieval specialist supports safe secure and guaranteed recovery of password encrypted compressed long file and folders, recovery process asked and

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